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It has given me an extreme happiness and immense pleasure that I am here to introduce a ‘GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD‘ to expand peace in our global village- WordPress. This award goes to a real achiever and successor who has been giving their creative feelings and thoughts exquisitely presenting a good perfection of work of art in WordPress Writing.

I am from a birthplace of Gautam Buddha who enlightened many parts of the world in his lifetime by his wisdom and knowledge of equanimity, or peace of mind which is achieved by detaching oneself from the cycle of craving that produces trouble. And, from a lap of Mount Everest, giving adventurous taste of mountain climbing to the people around the world. The most important thing is purity from the Himalayas, everyone get tastes of pure water flowing from mountain to the hills and then Terai region spreading tranquility in spring.

“महासिद्धी” is a term for someone who embodies and cultivates the “Siddhi of perfection”. A Siddha is an individual who, through the practice of sādhanā, attains the realization of siddhis, psychic and spiritual abilities and powers.

We are a member of a global village “WordPress” to help shape the world peacefully through our continuous effort to dedicate and invest our valuable time for writing giving a perfection, i.e. “महासिद्धी”.

Concept of PEACE

The peace obtained from the physical substances is momentary.  Only the peace sprouted from the content of soul of human-beings can be a long-term and everlasting. Hence, every human-being should search peace within their own inner heart and soul to live in a peaceful environment.

Therefore, human-beings should establish peace to expel chaos, tyranny, exploitative nature, bad traits and bad virtues from not only in them but also from a society. So, peace is one and only the source of human-beings to achieve or aim happiness, delight, cheerfulness and zeal in life. I believe this award will give all of you a strength to eradicate bad traits from our global village- WordPress.


Environment plays an important role to make the living beings healthy in the Earth. One of the kind, generous and intelligent living being is human being. So, human being is the superior social animal who is totally responsible for the use of natural resources, conservation of animals and plants or insects around.

Humanity’s entire life support system depends on the well-being of all the environment factors. We are the responsible force or member of the SAVE ENVIRONMENT Community to create balance in ecosystem in our surrounding. We have natural (light, air, water, etc.), industrial (Villages, cities, factories, etc.) and social (Schools, universities, companies, WordPress, etc.) environments. The future of environment is in danger. So, it’s an initiative to SAVE ENVIRONMENT through WordPress Writing.

How does it work?

So, ‘GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD’ help spread peace around the world sharing love, fun and happiness creating a beautiful Global Village. The term global village has been used to express the idea that people throughout the world are interconnected through the use of new media technologies. That’s the reason, we are able to expand peace in our global village using the web platform – WordPress writing; personally encouraging fellow bloggers to express feelings and thoughts creatively a worthwhile. This award will be given for Best Poem, Best Novel, Best Story, Best Photography, Best Travelogue, Best Article, etc.

The very essence of giving an award is to recognize the expertise and outstanding achievement in a particular field. The ‘GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD’ will be awarded to an outstanding, qualified, dedicated and creative person for presenting a quality works of art. The certificate will be provided as a badge for Great Achievers as a GAMBA WORDPRESS SHINING STAR AWARD for PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT.

Rules & Regulations
1. Thank the person who nominated you, with a link to their blog.
2. Make a Post of the Award with a Statement on Concept of PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT as above. And Tag your post with the #greatachiever.
3. Mention the rules and regulations.
4. Ask 7 questions of your choice. One of the question most include about “PEACE” and one for “SAVE Environment”.
5. Nominate at least 7 fellow bloggers or more to 21 bloggers and notify them.
6. Follow @kamalsbloggingcafe ( to secure certification as a badge to get a chance of collecting badge of GAMBA WORDPRESS SHINING STAR AWARD for PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT. For more details visit

My Lovely Questions to My Peaceful Bloggers: 
1. How can you be a good blogger as a member of WordPress Global Village?
2. Could you please define a word “PEACE” from your point of view?
2. How can we save a tree?
3. Do you think human trafficking is still a crosscutting issues?
4. What thing do you sacrifice to make a happy family environment?
5. Which animal do you like most? Why?
6. What do you think about the journalist or youtubers?
7. Is a movie-star play a vital role to aware most of the people around the world or just they present their performance to earn money?

My Lovely Bloggers! Good News!!

I am here nominating all of my fellow bloggers or visiting bloggers who have seen this post.

Now, I have nominated you so you are also nominating the best and capable personality you have seen.

Let’s Live in one roof of a global village- WordPress. Thank you for the support, everyone! Love lots. I hope all of you will pass on the positivity around peacefully and help other bloggers like us who are in need of that limelight and celebrate the charming moment of ‘GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD’.

Visit and Follow  Kamal’s Blogging Café, if you haven’t already. We are together here to help shape the world much better, motivating ourselves to give an impression in the people’s mind through writing peacefully.

Keep Blogging. Thanks.

With Love,
Kamal’s Blogging Cafe
Author: Kamal Shrestha


Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

160 thoughts on “GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD I (GAMBA I)

  1. Oh my!
    I am just stopping by to say thank you for the nomination.
    I’ve been engulfed with work and just peeped in to put up a post for the new month.
    I sincerely appreciate the fact that you choose to honor me with this nomination.
    I hope to be able to settle down to accept the nomination but even if I don’t get to do what is stated, rest assured that your gesture is well appreciated and will not be easily forgotten.
    Best regards.

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