The August Rain

©Kamal Shrestha

When the wind blows
Humid air high up,
Slowly rising air keeps
Tiny water droplets above.
Inside a cloud
As a mass of icy crystals,
Floating on the air
Like tiny dust particles.
The water droplets
Hang suspended in the sky,
As you see the dust particles
Dance in the light, high.
When droplets of clouds
Are heavy enough to down,
Contains weigh of 143 million pounds
Until it cannot be pulled down.
Enormously, the cumulus cloud,
Strikes hard on the Earth surfaces,
Dropping aslant in the month of August;
At once vigorously side by side verses.
After a moment’s downpour
Calms down the scorched blazing,
Striking onto my complexion
Purifying the soul, it’s amazing.
The invisible forces of rain
Encounters with a burning iron;
In the form of crude and compact-grief
Settled inside our heart and mind.
The sacred alleviation of pain,
Distress, grief and anxiety;
Spiritually enlightens the pathway,
To the heaven as a blessed sagacity.
Embracing the true spirit of
Munificence human conscience,
Only it’s the rain, pursuits invincible
The true sense of life, unlikely constance.

Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

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