– Kamal Shrestha. It’s a poem entitled “Earthquake” in Nepali Language. It is about the earthquake of political, cultural and social issues that is prevalent in the country due to corruption, distraction and dissimilar activities. You will get a literal translation from Google Translate. पृथ्वी थर्केर आउने कम्पनलेआज ममा ल्याएको छ महाकम्प,यता पनि भूकम्प,उता पनिContinue reading “भूकम्प”

Isn’t it a part of our lifestyle: A Plastic Polythene Bag? “Then Make It The Biggest Part of Our Life to SAVE ENVIRONMENT”

-Kamal Shrestha (WPSUN: 20200701C) When we enter into kitchen, we find full of plastic polybags in dustbin, inside drawers, and in some other places outside. We bring it inside in the name of buying vegetables, fruits and food items from a grocery shop or supermarket . And, when we have a great shopping, we doContinue reading “Isn’t it a part of our lifestyle: A Plastic Polythene Bag? “Then Make It The Biggest Part of Our Life to SAVE ENVIRONMENT””

One-day of My Life

-Kamal Shrestha Since a long time ago, I had been walking around for bright and prosperous future. I hadn’t thought of a new way of life from one side considering from another side of coin. As the day of my life used to start with the sunrise in the morning playing with glittered things onContinue reading “One-day of My Life”

In Advertising, Think!

-Kamal Shrestha In Advertising, think!You don’t even have time to leave a Cup of Coffee empty. Though heavy rain chatters at day,Moon calms down at night;In the corner of narrow street;Neon signs brighten the sight. A word is enough to sell,Alone visual image is a whole;How’s simple and creative?Plays with eyes of all. In Advertising,Continue reading “In Advertising, Think!”

Dead Body of Mine

In the dark and deep slender woodland,I found a sleeping dead body of mine;The flesh was strongly rotten and,The bone was decayed lying beside the stone. “I”, the soul, dream and dwellThe huge hollow wood speaks swell,Though it sounds anomalous and adventurousFrom far a distance, it’s dark and too dangerous. Quiet strange! Scared of meContinue reading “Dead Body of Mine”

Nature and My Beloved— English Version of “प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु”

-Kamal Shrestha Coy smiling, the quiescent nature,In the morning’s frigid blowLike stiffened freezing fingers,Shrunk memories of human mind in vain. Chunks of snow melt in the Himalayas,With the inspiring morning rays leaving aside the darkness;Piles of frost on the leaves of the tree,Green forests, hills and mountains in vibrant zeal. The brook bubbles and ripplesContinue reading “Nature and My Beloved— English Version of “प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु””

“प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु”

– Kamal ShresthaIt’s a poem entitled “Nature and My Beloved” in Nepali Language. You will get literal translation from Google Translate. Hope you will get the taste of it. Thanks. बिहानीको चिसो–चिसो ठन्डी पवनमामुस्कुराइरहेकी लजालु, निश्चल ती प्रकृती,नङ्सिरी लागेर कठ्याङ्ग्रिए झैं,अनायसै खुम्चिएका मानसपटलका स्मृति । अँध्यारो छिचोल्दै उत्प्रेरित किरणसँगैपग्लन्छन् हिमालयमा हिऊका लोप्पाहरु,रुखका पातहरुमा, शितका ढिक्का–ढिक्काहरुस्फूर्तिलेContinue reading ““प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु””


– Proposed by Kamal Shrestha Decode PROXY: An individual or a group operation executed by truly responsible representative of this Mother Earth who undertake YES mindset to “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT” by decoding the PROXY Plans in our Global Village. Quick Links A. Abstract F. Decode PROXY Main Operation B. Introduction G. Guidelines forContinue reading “Decode PROXY: A YES mindset to “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT””


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