Little Flirty, Little Curtly

Little flirty, little curtly,Little space between lips,Makes my mind swingAnd make me exileThe tip of tongue. Her apple face transmitsThe sense of electric shockInside the tissues and nerves,Where melodious songConfines us into… Into the border ofLife and deathAccidentally, it happened….Though it seemsIntense crush between usAnd then true love after.

My Expression of Love

No words are coming outFrom her lips,But listen,I hear her wordsThough she is a stranger,She may hear my wordsEven I am a stranger,Both of our sensesare tossing each other. She accepts my challengesExpressing warm and sensationalThrough a mild activities,Welding both the spirits of nature,Awakens me swiftlyThrilling my soul,Envisaging incredible romance,With a tracking of eyes togethersufficiently,Continue reading “My Expression of Love”

She Left Me Somewhere!

She left meSomewhere,In the dense forestThrowing sharp arrowsTowards me wildlyAnd escaped into heaven,Leaving me desperately,Only … I was able to cry,Striking my heart,Like a bitter wind,Thinking myselfAs a dart board. I headed intoThe middle of the jungle,In search of own realityAnd existence.I stopped for a whileWhen I saw an old,A dark and gigantic,Laid down BIGContinue reading “She Left Me Somewhere!”

International Day of Peace, 21 September 2020

International days are like a catalyst to make people aware, educate and participate actively on the issues and problems of concern together in our global village. Most of the people are also mobilized, employed and voluntarily participated through various sectors, organizations, groups and societies. United Nations has used international days as a powerful advocacy toolContinue reading “International Day of Peace, 21 September 2020”

I Feel You

I feel you,In the realm of beauty,That softly whispers in a melody,When the wind slightly starts to blowBursting petals flutter in air,And land in a profoundOf your maturity as a ‘whole.’ In the illusion of dream,I encircle you and embraceYou know, the colours glowWhen I paint a picture of your;The joy comes throughIn the delightsContinue reading “I Feel You”


– Kamal Shrestha. It’s a poem entitled “Earthquake” in Nepali Language. It is about the earthquake of political, cultural and social issues that is prevalent in the country due to corruption, distraction and dissimilar activities. You will get a literal translation from Google Translate. पृथ्वी थर्केर आउने कम्पनलेआज ममा ल्याएको छ महाकम्प,यता पनि भूकम्प,उता पनिContinue reading “भूकम्प”

Isn’t it a part of our lifestyle: A Plastic Polythene Bag? “Then Make It The Biggest Part of Our Life to SAVE ENVIRONMENT”

-Kamal Shrestha (WPSUN: 20200701C) When we enter into kitchen, we find full of plastic polybags in dustbin, inside drawers, and in some other places outside. We bring it inside in the name of buying vegetables, fruits and food items from a grocery shop or supermarket . And, when we have a great shopping, we doContinue reading “Isn’t it a part of our lifestyle: A Plastic Polythene Bag? “Then Make It The Biggest Part of Our Life to SAVE ENVIRONMENT””


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