The Flight of Bees

Swiftly,Enters into my roomThrough an open windowI see, the flight of bees;Surrounds me,Teases me, buzzes meAnd, kisses me. Its presence to me,Like angels,Who are engagedTo create heavenly worldin their voyage of lifeLaboriously. Welcomes to their worldTo get away from WORLDLINESS of the worldBecause I found one; pleadingby the side of window-screenAs the voice reaches toContinue reading “The Flight of Bees”

Shiva Tandav Stotra

The Shiva Tandava Stotram was written by Ravana, the asura King and devotee of Shiva. Happy Maha Shivaratri! जटाटवीगलज्जल प्रवाहपावितस्थलेगलेऽवलम्ब्य लम्बितां भुजंगतुंगमालिकाम्‌।डमड्डमड्डमड्डमनिनादवड्डमर्वयंचकार चंडतांडवं तनोतु नः शिवः शिवम ॥1॥ जटा कटा हसंभ्रम भ्रमन्निलिंपनिर्झरी ।विलोलवी चिवल्लरी विराजमानमूर्धनि ।धगद्धगद्ध गज्ज्वलल्ललाट पट्टपावकेकिशोरचंद्रशेखरे रतिः प्रतिक्षणं ममं ॥2॥ धरा धरेंद्र नंदिनी विलास बंधुवंधुर-स्फुरदृगंत संतति प्रमोद मानमानसे ।कृपाकटा क्षधारणी निरुद्धदुर्धरापदिकवचिद्विगम्बरे मनो विनोदमेतुContinue reading “Shiva Tandav Stotra”

Little Flirty, Little Curtly

Little flirty, little curtly,Little space between lips,Makes my mind swingAnd make me exileThe tip of tongue. Her apple face transmitsThe sense of electric shockInside the tissues and nerves,Where melodious songConfines us into… Into the border ofLife and deathAccidentally, it happened….Though it seemsIntense crush between usAnd then true love after.

My Expression of Love

No words are coming outFrom her lips,But listen,I hear her wordsThough she is a stranger,She may hear my wordsEven I am a stranger,Both of our sensesare tossing each other. She accepts my challengesExpressing warm and sensationalThrough a mild activities,Welding both the spirits of nature,Awakens me swiftlyThrilling my soul,Envisaging incredible romance,With a tracking of eyes togethersufficiently,Continue reading “My Expression of Love”

She Left Me Somewhere!

She left meSomewhere,In the dense forestThrowing sharp arrowsTowards me wildlyAnd escaped into heaven,Leaving me desperately,Only … I was able to cry,Striking my heart,Like a bitter wind,Thinking myselfAs a dart board. I headed intoThe middle of the jungle,In search of own realityAnd existence.I stopped for a whileWhen I saw an old,A dark and gigantic,Laid down BIGContinue reading “She Left Me Somewhere!”


– Kamal Shrestha. It’s a poem entitled “Earthquake” in Nepali Language. It is about the earthquake of political, cultural and social issues that is prevalent in the country due to corruption, distraction and dissimilar activities. You will get a literal translation from Google Translate. पृथ्वी थर्केर आउने कम्पनलेआज ममा ल्याएको छ महाकम्प,यता पनि भूकम्प,उता पनिContinue reading “भूकम्प”

In Advertising, Think!

-Kamal Shrestha In Advertising, think!You don’t even have time to leave a Cup of Coffee empty. Though heavy rain chatters at day,Moon calms down at night;In the corner of narrow street;Neon signs brighten the sight. A word is enough to sell,Alone visual image is a whole;How’s simple and creative?Plays with eyes of all. In Advertising,Continue reading “In Advertising, Think!”

Dead Body of Mine

In the dark and deep slender woodland,I found a sleeping dead body of mine;The flesh was strongly rotten and,The bone was decayed lying beside the stone. “I”, the soul, dream and dwellThe huge hollow wood speaks swell,Though it sounds anomalous and adventurousFrom far a distance, it’s dark and too dangerous. Quiet strange! Scared of meContinue reading “Dead Body of Mine”

Nature and My Beloved— English Version of “प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु”

-Kamal Shrestha Coy smiling, the quiescent nature,In the morning’s frigid blowLike stiffened freezing fingers,Shrunk memories of human mind in vain. Chunks of snow melt in the Himalayas,With the inspiring morning rays leaving aside the darkness;Piles of frost on the leaves of the tree,Green forests, hills and mountains in vibrant zeal. The brook bubbles and ripplesContinue reading “Nature and My Beloved— English Version of “प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु””

“प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु”

– Kamal ShresthaIt’s a poem entitled “Nature and My Beloved” in Nepali Language. You will get literal translation from Google Translate. Hope you will get the taste of it. Thanks. बिहानीको चिसो–चिसो ठन्डी पवनमामुस्कुराइरहेकी लजालु, निश्चल ती प्रकृती,नङ्सिरी लागेर कठ्याङ्ग्रिए झैं,अनायसै खुम्चिएका मानसपटलका स्मृति । अँध्यारो छिचोल्दै उत्प्रेरित किरणसँगैपग्लन्छन् हिमालयमा हिऊका लोप्पाहरु,रुखका पातहरुमा, शितका ढिक्का–ढिक्काहरुस्फूर्तिलेContinue reading ““प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु””

Interview with the Earth

-Kamal Shrestha, 24 July 2020; the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) Mother goddess, the Earth, One of the members of the universe, Our ancestors started to grow, On this planet six million years ago.   I fixed the interview with the Earth, At the end day of Lockdown, And, end day ofContinue reading “Interview with the Earth”

Hath that Bottle Been Dancing in Thy Hand?

-Kamal Shrestha, 2020; (From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) Hath that bottle been dancing In thy hand? How dost thou feel the pain? That shocks only! Doth it heal?   Bubbling! The bottle showereth Wine by thy hand in grief, Why dost thou enjoy thy Death without knowing the life?  Continue reading “Hath that Bottle Been Dancing in Thy Hand?”

A Woman in a Deep Sorrow

-Kamal Shrestha, 2013 / 2020(From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) A woman, In a deep sorrow, The modernity And, Fashion maketh hollow.   Her tenderness, And prudence glee, A woman, By birth Hath a sereneth beauty.   The beauty, a stimulus Warmth the Man’s intention, That glisteneth, Into the lust and, AContinue reading “A Woman in a Deep Sorrow”

A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins

-Kamal Shrestha, 2020(From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) The passion of fumed thought and feeling Neither end nor it can be pretended, The jerks of frigid and shrink mind Can never touch the height in the sky line.     I pierced into the city, With lots of hope and fear, ConsideringContinue reading “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”

Presidency in Nepal, “Celebrated”

-Kamal Shrestha, 2008/ 2020(From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) Clap! Clap!! Clap!!! Clap for the people’s sovereignty, Join hands! Join!! Join for the march of progressive.     Cross away the trouble in a light way, Win the people’s heart escorting right way, Develop the nation uprooting fragmentation, Make a strong economicContinue reading “Presidency in Nepal, “Celebrated””

The 19 Days in History

-Kamal Shrestha, 2007/ 2020(From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) The unity of SPA, Marches on the road, Against the regressive system, Not of the troops of army, But, Of the voice of all the people’s Sovereignty.     Day by day, Millions of people, From East to West, Come together in theContinue reading “The 19 Days in History”

You Imagine Me and My Presence

-Kamal Shrestha, 2020(From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) You imagine Me and My presence, Pricking softly, So I deep into You, Sweet and cheerful. It unfolds me To make a complete soul.     The fragrance and Power of shame Hooked me Within a moment. I became A shield-pack, Covered With aContinue reading “You Imagine Me and My Presence”

It’s Time to Ring the Bell

-Kamal Shrestha, 2011 /2020 (From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) The Bed of Roses Smiles in our presence, The bubbles of water Float to make us rejoice, The rainbow in the sky Colours the accompany of life.     We are falling, falling, falling In a profound love, Rising, rising, rising WithContinue reading “It’s Time to Ring the Bell”

Suicide Note to Heaven

-Kamal Shrestha, 2011 /2020 (From the Book “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) No more, I stay in heaven, The heaven where you Enjoy and breathe, The cunning and immature, Play-acting of affection Drowned me Into a Hell-hound dream.     No more, The words I have to say. Even the letters Dance to express-Continue reading “Suicide Note to Heaven”

Kids Open the Book No More

-Kamal Shrestha, June 2020 (From the Book “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) These days, kids open the book no more And, hardly try to read anymore; In real, they love reading memes roll by roll As they are proud of making troll.         After some days, tiny insects hide itself InsideContinue reading “Kids Open the Book No More”

Visual-Poem: coCKRoAch

-Kamal Shrestha, 2008/ 2020 (From the Book “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) coCKRoAch, a JUNGLE species one, e- -n- -t- -e- -r- -s   into the house One by one ……     The housemen (Home Species) whisper with one another, Sprays the insecticides to Jungle Species any other, So that fear of spoilingContinue reading “Visual-Poem: coCKRoAch”

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