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A Crucial Journey of Life Begins herewith A Cup of Coffee — “ENJOY READING WITH ME!”

“Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me, why should you not speak to me? And why should I not speak to you?” -Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

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Decode PROXY: A YES Mindset to SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT in our Global Village!

“Fill Your Paper with the Breathings of Your Heart” – William Wordsworth


I am excited to share my thoughts and feelings to all of the people around the world. I believe- to begin a blog is a new journey for me to achieve love of the readers and viewers in the web plate-form where internet is affordable and within a reach from any corner of the world for everybody and everyone. Welcome everybody and everyone! The Lovely People Around the World!
It’s like a milkshake that every writer or a teacher insight his/her ideas in a beautiful frame offering thoughtfulness and knowledgeable views in a society to let the people learn and explore things differently to make a difference in a life.

Help SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT in our Global Village!
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Kamal Shrestha – Author
Kamal’s Blogging Café

Reasons, You Love Reading?

The web platform is giving us a big space to publish varieties of materials easily. And, this is the only way to communicate with the people or disseminate information around the world in the digital age through internet. So, it’s a wonderful time to read blogs and learn something purposefully.

  • Informative Materials
  • Ethical Matters
  • Knowledgeable Thoughts
  • Social Issues
  • Innovative and Creative Ideas

I would like to serve the table with full of visual & Free Verses, Short Stories, Articles, dialogues Interviews, etc.

I focus on ways of Learning English Grammar and present my writings about Art and Literature as well.

It’s always good to make the people laugh or make the people think about something about Tech & Lifestyle.

Today’s Favourite Topics

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  1. Thank you Kamal for your recent series of likes for 13 of my recent posts on my blog – the most likes I’ve ever had in one day – though I’m genuinely curious to know if you read all 13 of them. The thing is, I was notified of your likes on my email site at exactly the same moment? As I say, just curious.

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