Little Flirty, Little Curtly

Little flirty, little curtly,Little space between lips,Makes my mind swingAnd make me exileThe tip of tongue. Her apple face transmitsThe sense of electric shockInside the tissues and nerves,Where melodious songConfines us into… Into the border ofLife and deathAccidentally, it happened….Though it seemsIntense crush between usAnd then true love after.

Nature and My Beloved— English Version of “प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु”

-Kamal Shrestha Coy smiling, the quiescent nature,In the morning’s frigid blowLike stiffened freezing fingers,Shrunk memories of human mind in vain. Chunks of snow melt in the Himalayas,With the inspiring morning rays leaving aside the darkness;Piles of frost on the leaves of the tree,Green forests, hills and mountains in vibrant zeal. The brook bubbles and ripplesContinue reading “Nature and My Beloved— English Version of “प्रकृति र मेरी मायालु””

Hath that Bottle Been Dancing in Thy Hand?

-Kamal Shrestha, 2020; (From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) Hath that bottle been dancing In thy hand? How dost thou feel the pain? That shocks only! Doth it heal?   Bubbling! The bottle showereth Wine by thy hand in grief, Why dost thou enjoy thy Death without knowing the life?  Continue reading “Hath that Bottle Been Dancing in Thy Hand?”

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