My Expression of Love

No words are coming outFrom her lips,But listen,I hear her wordsThough she is a stranger,She may hear my wordsEven I am a stranger,Both of our sensesare tossing each other. She accepts my challengesExpressing warm and sensationalThrough a mild activities,Welding both the spirits of nature,Awakens me swiftlyThrilling my soul,Envisaging incredible romance,With a tracking of eyes togethersufficiently,Continue reading “My Expression of Love”

Hath that Bottle Been Dancing in Thy Hand?

-Kamal Shrestha, 2020; (From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”) Hath that bottle been dancing In thy hand? How dost thou feel the pain? That shocks only! Doth it heal?   Bubbling! The bottle showereth Wine by thy hand in grief, Why dost thou enjoy thy Death without knowing the life?  Continue reading “Hath that Bottle Been Dancing in Thy Hand?”

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