Innovative After-school Kids Workshop


Innovative After-school Kids Workshop is a research based after-school community education programme which encourages the school children of a local community to expand their cognitive, social, physical, and emotional attributes through various learning activities.

After-school refers to learning opportunities that happen after regular school hours, intended to support or supplement student learning. The Kids refer to the school children or students from elementary to high school level students. And, workshop refers to a platform for the kids or school children to experience the real world through a common goal of learning holistically and forming or expanding their creative strength beyond horizon. It forms a basic step towards their intellectual growth and potential cognitive development to walk on the journey of exploration of their personal interest.

Furthermore, this workshop supports school children on their academic study and help to establish their creative mindset solving the problems easily and removing homework stress or assignment workloads through the mind completely. Not only the workshop can be able to expand their skill and knowledge of their interest to beyond their capability but also emphasizes to build up the blocks of their potential creative and analytical thinking one step ahead.

The kids workshop runs directly after school or during evenings, mornings, weekends, winter vacations, summer vacations, or holidays. And, it is a platform that focuses on problem solving, sharing personal experience, involving recreational activities, yoga and meditation and other activities like music, theatre, dance, computer and technology, crafts, games, etc.

The After-school Kids Workshop provides an opportunity to the school children to be engaged for their own development what they want or need by accessing all kinds of constructive diverse learning activities.


When the school children are freed from each regular school day, how do they spend their after-school time? Nowadays, it’s a public concern among parents and educators.

Parents are very busy on their duty whether it is household, farming, service or business. Most of the children do not get proper care and help from parents during after-school hours. Parents cannot even get time to take care about their children’s hygiene. It is far in a distance to help them to complete their home assignment properly. If the children cannot complete their homework by any means until next day, they will be hesitated to present themselves firmly in school and their mind hovers round with that particular task that they missed as a home assignment. It disturbs their mind and learns nothing at school. Then after, the fear of solving problem creates a pause or break for their proper intellectual growth and development. After few days, they believe, “It is better to leave the difficult one.” The better idea is to leave the class, pretend to be sick in the classroom, or bunk for that day. The reason is they do not want to take the burden of stress for all day long. It is better to get scolded by parents if they are noticed or informed by someone else they will have a completely STRESS FREE DAY.

The workload of homework is a big issue for the children. They cannot form a right way to solve the problems. So, they always lie to their parents and says, “Homework is done. I need a mobile phone, I want to play a game, or, I have to go out and hangout with friends, etc.” It is very difficult to know the intention of children what they are doing or what they are planning to do with their friends. They are becoming too much addictive on what they are doing. These are absolutely detrimental activities not only to them but also for all.


The unsafe activities of school children after school time have a direct negative impact not only on the parents’ side and to their children’s proper growth and development but also on the side of community, society and country as a whole. After-school kids workshop is only the solution to solve the problem faced by children practically. The kids workshop will be able to prepare their future, learn and practice new skills, and spend quality time.

27th March, 2021, Happy Holi Drawing


The main objective of Innovative After-school Kids Workshop is to raise interest in creativity, experiment and imagination through holistic development process of a child with an active participation after school.

This is a research based educational program to prevent negative behaviour, promote healthy development and well-being and developmentally appropriate activities. They can develop key thing and conceptual skills, as well as fundamental competencies.

After-school Kids Workshop is supportive to expand the periphery of social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development for the potential progress of their own. Thus, it provides an opportunity to help children explore different areas of interest in which they can exercise their talents and achieve success.

This workshop provides an opportunity to interact positively in a diverse group of children from diverse racial, ethnic, language, religious to cultural groups by developing clear sense of identity issues.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for children of different ages to interact and learn from one another. They feel confident, master range of different skills and abilities, and acquire autonomy.

This workshop improves students’ educational outcomes, school attendance, social and emotional learning which reduces the dropout rates and help to close achievement gaps for low-income students in the context of Nepal.

Students not only get help on specific areas of the subjects they have been getting trouble with but also build their abilities of finding answers by themselves. Kids workshop usually helps students on particular subjects who are struggling with their schoolwork as well in order to improve their grades.


1. Homework Help: It supports children in their home assignment received from school. Mostly school children are troubling with their school homework and could not get help. This is a better way to reduce their stress.  
2. Arts and Crafts/ Paper works:      It is based on creativity exercises, imagination, fun and combines play and team work.
3. Drawing/Painting:      It helps to develop the kid’s creative abilities in a next level. They can express their feelings and emotions using pencils, colours and papers.    
4. Handwriting:      Handwriting is the identity of a student how they can present their paper themselves. Mostly cursive handwriting if fast and it improves brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory. It also stimulates students to think creatively.  
5. Phonics English:      It is a foundation course for building effective reading skills for children. It is important for children to read and spell. It builds self-confidence as they learn the sounds of letters and words. It develops vocabulary and improves pronunciation.
6. English Grammar:      Correct grammar is the basis of mastering a language well. Once they get a grip on English grammar rules, they can write effectively and speak fluently.  
7. Creative Writing:      Kids can imagine their own world through their vision where their creation meets creativity in writing. Once they become perfect in Phonics English and English Grammar they are able to learn creative writing section to make the creativity explored.
8. Travelogue/ Project Work:      It’s a report writing/ travelogue or project work activities by presenting their ideas what they have collected and experienced after visiting some places. Summer or winter vacation is useful to explore these ideas creatively. It’s a self exploration activity.
9. Computer Studies:      Nowadays, the advancement brought by the use of computer and smart mobile system. It is the basic needs of the day to learn and get knowledge about computer.  
10. Kids Yoga & Meditation:      Yoga postures and mediation builds the kids’ strength balance and confidence. Kids can concentrate properly on subject matter for better outcomes.    
11. Chess/ Baghchaal (Tigers and Goats):      Chess and Baghchaal are the best indoor games to exercise our brain. Chess is considered as wildly played intellectual game around the world. It boosts not only brain power of kids but also emotional intelligence and psycho social skills. Both of the games improves IQ and verbal skills and enhances arithmetical skills.  
12. Public Speaking:      It develops their ability to deliver a presentation on particular topic. The children will overcome any fear or nervousness for talking in public.  
  13. Theatre and Drama:      It improves self-confidence and spontaneity in children. It enhances verbal and speaking skills as well.      
14. Sanskrit Shlokas and Prayers:      It trains the mind to think logically, brings clarity of expression, develops intellectual strength and provides keen insight into the meanings of words.    
15. Dance/ Music/ Games & Sports:  Children are able to practice dance, learn music and involve in games and sports. Physical and musical activities energize the heart, mind and body with positive energy. These activities contribute to reduce stress and balance the physical and mental activities of the children.

Contact Helpdesk Number for further information or admit your children to secure an amazing place in after-school kids workshop.

Helpdesk Number: +977 9843973464

To help /donate or sponsor for the Kids workshop, please find my personal bank account:

Bank Name: Civil Bank Ltd.
Branch: Kirtipur
Bank Address: Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal
Bank Account Name: Kamal Shrestha
A/C No.: 01410151365016
Swift code: CIVLNPKA

Thanks and Best Regards,

Kamal Shrestha
Programme Director
whatsapp number: +9779843973464

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6 thoughts on “Innovative After-school Kids Workshop

  1. This is a wonderful, much-needed effort. I applaud your dedication and ambition and wish you great success.

    I’m delighted to see the inclusion of yoga and meditation. I found when researching a post on meditation among young people some time ago that it had broad benefits, especially among underserved children. “RX for Schoolkids: Open Your Mouth and Say ‘Om.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, Annie. It’s a much needed effort which I am doing. But, due to lack of investment I am squeezed myself though I have broad thought.

    The mentioned activities are much needed of the present time. People are too busy to help their children for home assignment. “OM”.



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