A backbone and a rib,
The skeletal structure,
Covered by a soft and an elegant paper
In a diverse color pattern and profile.

A thin string is attached,
The stylish approach
Pulls the spirit of passionate nature,
To reach out everyone’s destination.

Blending the mind in the air,
A Kite Flyer never fails to fly a KITE, high,
Fascinating all the people around,
That high, the high ambition floats on the high,

In its journey of life,
Rejoices itself tussling in the air,
Delightfully the flyer and the Kite
Accompany themselves as A FREE,

A symbol of victory!

Sometimes the brutal force, wind
Hallucinates the direction of KITE,
And swiftly falls down somewhere
In other’s sight,

An absolute defeat and separation of the Flyer and the Kite!

Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

27 thoughts on “Kite

  1. MY KITE
    simple, very simple structure
    in the wind, carried to the sky, she rose
    two sticks crossed
    a skeleton called
    thin but durable
    clothed with fine paper
    plus a long length of rope
    and the creature dives into the sky

    wind .. there is no flying wind
    a long leash is held between heaven and earth
    reality will not ground dreams
    and we are so .. down to earth people

    many observers
    Few of fans of sensations
    supposedly brave
    belongs to the world .. isn’t it right?
    how much you take, how much the world will give you

    be a kite
    cheerful brave
    serious or frivolous
    what you want – yourself
    high in the clouds life
    with good wind, carried
    on endless strings of dreams

    you hold them
    you catch the wind
    Yes you are right
    conqueror kite
    the kite is a symbol
    of freedom and victory

    best regards 🙂

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