In Advertising, Think!

-Kamal Shrestha

In Advertising, think!
You don’t even have time to leave a Cup of Coffee empty.

Though heavy rain chatters at day,
Moon calms down at night;
In the corner of narrow street;
Neon signs brighten the sight.

A word is enough to sell,
Alone visual image is a whole;
How’s simple and creative?
Plays with eyes of all.

In Advertising, think!
How does life become colourful?

In every drink of coffee,
We breathe with colours,
And, We will have a great lunch,
With a pack of project deadlines

We take a shower of products
Though breakfast is quick and light at bay,
We dine with organic masterpieces;
That will release in the cities next day.

In Advertising, think!
What a good form of creation among others!

It costs a lot to produce an art,
Which releases in consumers’ heart
Though it works like business pills
Quality product gets a good start.

My experience of 7 years in advertising agencies was an added advantage to enliven my creativity in designing and copy writing, logo designing, product branding concept and advertisement design, and corporate planning. Please visit MY PORTFOLIO LINK Page:

Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

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