Dead Body of Mine

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In the dark and deep slender woodland,
I found a sleeping dead body of mine;
The flesh was strongly rotten and,
The bone was decayed lying beside the stone.

“I”, the soul, dream and dwell
The huge hollow wood speaks swell,
Though it sounds anomalous and adventurous
From far a distance, it’s dark and too dangerous.

Quiet strange! Scared of me and detested,
Though the God put perpetual effort in hospital’s bed
Like the Norsemen and Vikings of Scandinavia in the middle age.
“Coronavirus” is a big threat in this digital age.

Power is dispersed in the countries of the world,
Mobsters are still violent to grasp the world;
Covid-19, a crazy guy making chain of human, alive
To value the hygiene rather than money, putting aside.

The ferocious voices, vibrating through wind
Slowly flutters in the dead body in soul’s dream,
Ironically makes a cube of twinge and sinful strain
To cross the Vaitarani River by cow’s tail in King Yama’s domain.

The invincible power of nature and soul
The shining immortality, the pearl of pond
Cures the dead body purifying as a whole
And summons the life to embed soul.

Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

25 thoughts on “Dead Body of Mine

  1. The threats of digital age is apparent. But I was talking about Coronavirus threat in this digital age where we have 5G faster connectivity in the threshold in some of the countries and most of the hightech countries have already adopted.

    On the one side coronavirus is active efficiently in most part of the world.And the other hand most of the big country is planning to control mafia around the globe to get benefit from lockdown. And it’s almost as like rotten dead body… it’s symbolic that dead body are helpless. They are not purifired or done funeral processing as per the religion so the soul is wondering. The souls are not getting path to reach heaven. And another thing is people are very cruel in the name of business they kill many types of animal and take it as lunch or dinner/super. So they are not able to take the path of heaven so it was difficult to cross even the river of blood, vaitarni river…. so as per hindu religion cow is sacred animal which will help to cross that river. And doctor and norse are like God who is helping to cure people suffered from Covid -19 as the Vikings and Norsemen. If the people get coronavirus everyone will be scared and hate them as well. The world has started a project Human Mission to Mars in this digital age and coronavirus couldn’t be control still. It has been problem to run daily life for me like an private school teachers who could not even reach own home. How hard is it for me to run my family. It’s me who is like a dead body… No one is caring us… even government cannot… Thank you for your review…

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  2. Kamal, we hope better days are ahead! This poem explores the worst aspects of the pandemic. Yes, the situation is very bleak, but there are things to celebrate… many heroes caring for the sick, sharing food with the homeless, risking their own safety, donating plasma, and even children raising money to help others… We must not lose heart! All the best! Cheryl

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