– Proposed by Kamal Shrestha

Decode PROXY: An individual or a group operation executed by truly responsible representative of this Mother Earth who undertake YES mindset to “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT” by decoding the PROXY Plans in our Global Village.

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A. AbstractF. Decode PROXY Main Operation
B. IntroductionG. Guidelines for Article Writing
C. BackgroundH. Register/Feedback
D. Statement of ProblemI. Disclaimer
E. Goals or purpose

A. Abstract

The world is in the verge of encapsulating all the people, plants, animals, insects and sea creatures in one place which forms a Global Village through internet. Not only we can trace or track people but also all the living beings of the world can be traced easily through internet by tagging and inserting GPA sensor-chip.

The rapid growth of human’s rude and cruel violence inside and outside home due to frustration, depression, pandemic suffocation, lack of knowledge and lack of public awareness, the word “peace” only stands there as “weird.” And, the biggest problem is the rapid growth or expansion of international business and absolute ownership of the product by same people or country around the globe dominating the domestic market which creates conflict between the superiors leading them to take unnecessary action by their handful of power by any means. It is a strong component that helps rise the distraction on peace in the people’s mind in our global village.

External and Inner-Peace is the one and only source of human-beings to achieve or aim happiness, delight, cheerfulness and zeal in life for the progress of humanity and make a beautiful home to all the living creatures in this Mother Earth.

Human race has been leaping forward with modern civilization, urbanization and globalization upgrading the lifestyle equipped with modern digitalized technology which is solely responsible to deteriorate the environment. For instance, we are breathing invisible radio waves through Wi-Fi signals, we are breathing and living in our daily intake of foods with huge amount of pesticides and insecticides applied vegetables and fruits, we are mining valuable and precious elements of the Earth unnecessarily, etc.

The global environment problems are in series to treat people very badly by throwing back troubles like pollution (air, land, water, etc.), global warming, ozone depletion, depletion of natural resources, over-population, waste disposal, deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Which are the one and only consequences brought by human beings themselves by unnecessary and unplanned use of natural resources anywhere around the globe for individual income source or for the overall economic development of a country.

The environment of the Earth is our perfect peaceful home, though astronauts and scientists are even trying to find good shelter in other planet in the universe like, Human Mission to Mars. Humanity’s entire life support system depends on the well-being of all the environment factors. We are a responsible force to handle an umbrella, the environment to maintain natural balance in our surroundings and provide good atmosphere for peaceful living in our global village.

Decode PROXY help shape the world— a beautiful home not only for human beings but also for all the living beings and non-living things enriched with natural resources available in surroundings in this Mother Earth.

B. Introduction

PROXY is a responsible representative of our global village of this Mother Earth who is an inspirational motivating character or one of the mirrors of a society dedicating his/her precious time applying knowledge and skills to “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT” in the people’s mind around the globe and execute a plan immediately with a YES mindset wherever it is in need in any part of the world within the reach by any means and give a perpetual support through digital or physical reach around the globe.

“Decode PROXY refers to an individual or a group operation executed by a PROXY, truly responsible representative of this Mother Earth who undertake YES mindset to “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT” by decoding the PROXY Plans within the locality, area or country continuously during his/her lifetime in our Global Village.

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”Eleanor Roosevelt

The Buddha also taught that peaceful minds lead to peaceful speech and peaceful actions. So, we should not depend on others. We should make our mind peaceful and initiate to spread peace from ourselves. It is not enough only talking about peace, we have to strongly believe in it and work at it.

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.”—Barbara Ward

Environment plays an important role to make the living beings healthy in the Earth. One of the kind, generous and intelligent living being is human being. So, human being is the superior social animal who is totally responsible for the use of natural resources, conservation of animals and plants, insects or sea creatures in the surroundings. We should be good guest walking lightly on the Earth as other creatures are doing in their daily life.

 “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

More than 20 percent of the world oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest. More than half of the world’s estimated 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in the tropical rainforests. How long can we depend only with the rainforests? Sometimes due to spark in the jungle, acres of forest area goes on burning for more than a month. And sometimes devastating, uncontrollable as a great natural disaster burning acres of forest area including thousands of animals as in Australia in the beginning of 2020.

So we have to think about the conservation of wildlife forests, insects and animals in our global village. It’s a good saying, “Plant a tree even if it is your last deed.” We have to apply it in our daily life and think about environment and run a campaign to save environment publicly in our community. Plastic wastes, cracked and cutout in different shape of plastic bottles, metal rings and other different shapes of things create hazard to birds, animals, fish and insects. If these things go on them to entangle deadly for a long time; it would be a last breath for them which might be cruel, suffocating and helpless because of haves who have no sense and feeling towards natural environment.

The Principal of Decode PROXY refers to a plan execution body which consists of a responsible representative, PROXY of a community or society who can formularize authentic way to spread peace and save environment accumulating knowledge and skills in it to execute PROXY Plans around the globe. It is practical and more significant to Decode PROXY which helps “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT” in our global village.

C. Background

Vision of highlighted the situation of peace according to the Global Peace Index 2020, “Global peacefulness has deteriorated over the past year, with this being the fourth time in the last five years that the world has seen a fall in peacefulness.”

According to the Global Peace Index 2020, the global peacefulness is deteriorating day by day with the average country score falling by 0.34%, though coronavirus pandemic replaced in some of the countries’ conflicts and crises.

Environment is everything that surrounds or affects an organism occurring naturally (not artificial) during its lifetime. It has two— living and non-living components. Modernized Human civilization, digital globalization, new inventions, nuclear plants are on the rise to impact on global environment.

Great Achiever  “महासिद्धी” Blogger Award for new bloggers in WordPress writing has already commenced to “SPREAD PEACE AND SAVE ENVIRONMENT” making the readers, bloggers conscious in our global village. It’s an initiation from small phase with the possibility to expand its boundary up to the global reach digitally.

On the basis of world peace and global environment, Decode PROXY plan will be executed focusing and giving much attention to “SPREAD PEACE AND SAVE ENVIRONMENT” in our global village.

D. Statement of Problem

Peace builds strength and restores mutual responsibility and characteristics of originality. But, violence is prevalent in our society, culture or in any form— women violence, child abuse, suppression, etc. and even more dreadful is war between the countries due to lack of mutual understanding on border activities and commercial business strategy.

Is it possible to stop inside and outside home violence from household to community or society and war between two or more than two countries? How can we spread peace during pandemic like, Covid-19 around the globe?

Peaceful minds lead to peaceful speech and peaceful actions. Is it possible to make the people aware of Inner Peace which is most important to focus them on it in the recent trends of digitalized global village?

Environment plays a significant role for the well-being of human beings, plants, animals, insects, sea creatures, etc. How can we save environment in our global village? How is it possible?

Can we control the environmental issues— climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion?

Can we protect endangered species and valuable natural resources?

Global warming term was introduced on 8 August 1975 by Wally Broecker who has published his paper “Are we on the brink of a pronounced global warming?” in the journal Science. It has unusual rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century, can we decrease the level of surface temperature in this modernized and industrialized cities of our global village? What is the main reason that still, we are not able to control global warming?

E. Goals or Purpose

The Decode PROXY is presented here to make the people conscious and aware about the significance of peace and environment by executing PROXY plan continuously.

Due to the globalization, industrialization, recent development and rapid growth of nuclear plants in some of the biggest economically strong countries, environment is facing trouble in various issues.

Mountains are going to be deserted, land is sinking, Sea-level is rising day by day, many species are going to extinct, threatening landslide and avalanches are apparently troubling which are the possible outcomes brought by mistakes of human beings in some-how. Therefore, Decode PROXY is an initiative taken to help reduce natural disaster by executing PROXY Plan.

F. Decode PROXY Main Operation

F.1. Plan “P” – Peaceful Mind

F.1.1. Overview

Peaceful mind relates to inner peace of the human beings. PROXY will execute Plan “P” to create peaceful mind in our global village. This is the first step to spread peace and save environment.

PROXY should train people’s mind to focus on pure thoughts flowing inside full of positivity to make them conscious and active by disconnecting them from perpetual worry, sadness, stress and fear in the modernized and civilized global village.

Inner peace creates a framework to behave positively with the people in the outer world or surroundings which we can call it External Peace. The mind is preoccupied by the thoughts we have experienced and heard. So the inner peace has the ability to observe it and apply in the external peace.

F.1.2. Plan Execution

  1. Talk peacefully and behave friendly.
  2. Know the negative energy dwelling in the people’s mind. Like fear, stress, pain, feeling of lower social status, minor category and suppression, shame of being community boycott or by abuse, exploitation, being economically weak or deceived by someone, etc.
  3. Observe these negative energies closely through your prior experience and knowledge.
  4. Make the people aware of the consequences of their negative energy. Like, fight, war, casualty, destruction, damage, etc.
  5. Build confidence in the people’s mind filling with positive energy.
    For instance, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  6. Bring smile speaking the people about a value of life and peace of mind and how they are interconnected. How much is it important to live peacefully in our global village?
  7. Give suggestion and advice. For instance, meditation, yoga, physical exercise, aerobics, walking, or use digital equipment for fitness and to remove stress, involvement on interesting things, etc. which play a significant role to spend their time with peaceful mind.
  8. Finally prepare people physically and psychologically strong to adopt the new platform to start a journey of Peaceful mind.

F.2. Plan “R” – Reuniting People

F.2.1. Overview

Plan “R” represents Reuniting People which will be executed firmly to expand external peace after the fulfillment of Plan “P”. The successor of Plan “P” is a bold and strong person to feed positivity to expose himself or herself peacefully in external environment in our global village. Now, they are completely away from the reach of conflict and distraction, stress, fear, etc.

This is the second step to spread peace and save environment. PROXY will execute this plan very carefully studying its impacts and consequences in a family, community, society or country.

F.2.2. Plan Execution:

  1. Observe feedback from the people after the accomplishment of Plan “P”.
  2. Collect information or data of the main issues and its dependable variables of dispute for study from both sides.
  3. Compare information or data accurately to form an opinion. Then tally with the findings and proven materials, objects, minutes, photographs/images or mutual agreements, documents, etc.
  4. Welcome suggestions from scholars, professionals, higher authorities and experience personals.
  5. Confine into the solution that forms win/win situation for both parties.
  6. Draft an agreement of Peace Treaty Paper.
  7. Welcome advice from them presenting them draft agreement or treaty paper individually.
  8. Observe all the variables that may lead to negative consequences in future.
  9. Prepare “Agreement of Peace Treaty” paper giving a final touch paying attention to mutual understanding of them in future as well.
  10. Conference both parties and peacefully guide them to sign the paper to Reunite them again.
  11. Plan a recreational activity to involve them to create external peace in the outside environment.
  12. Provide regular suggestion and advice if it is their requirement.
  13. Follow up the progress of peace agreement.

F.3. Plan “O” – Orangutan—Long Call

F.3.1. Overview

The Malay word Orangutan means “Person of the forest”. They love to spend much of their time in the trees of their tropical rainforest home. They use large leaves as shelters to protect from the common rains. They ensure their tracking of each other’s location by howling calls. It’s a long call that can be heard 1.2 miles away. They are so dependent upon trees. So, know the value of trees?

Orangutan—Long Call is a brilliant concept of spreading peace and saving environment notions in our global village. PROXY will execute this plan perpetually—it’s a continuous effort for long-term voice that you raise walking over physical distance using digital or physical platform through Website, Social Networking, Blog, Video Conference, Online Lecture, YouTube, Meeting, Seminar, Paper Presentation, Dialogue, etc. to make the people conscious about peace and environment relating to the statement of problem as above mentioned in this proposal.

F.3.2. Plan Execution:

  1. Know yourself who you are: Perfect Speaker/Presenter/Writer/Communicator/Photographer, etc.
  2. Select platform as a means of communication according to your capability in presenting or writing to reach maximum people in our global village.
    a) Digital– Website, Social Networking, Blog, Video Conference, Online Lecture, YouTube, Voice Message, Voice Call, Video Call, Chat, etc.
    b) Physical– Meeting, Seminar, Paper Presentation, Dialogue, etc.
  3. Peacefully draft your views on peace and environment in our global village. Why are they significant for the progress of humanity and for the beautiful home of all living creatures? What are the future consequences and how to deal with the problems mentioned in the statement of problem?
  4. Edit your views according to the PROXY Plans considering Article Writing guidelines and at last present your views on Decode PROXY briefly how it was significant to solve the issues or problems.
  5. Review paper and give a final touch paying attention to the positive and negative consequences in a community, society after its reach on public in our global village.
  6. Present or publish your paper through physical or digital platform.
  7. Get feedback and response peacefully. Provide suggestion and advice if it is required them to convince.
  8. Be a watchdog as a PROXY, if you have noticed events or actions by the people which might you think it’s against the peace and environment. Handle it brilliantly and peacefully by Decoding PROXY.


F.4.1 Overview

SAVE ENVIRONMENT refers to how we help protect the Mother Earth. We have to make the people learn to respect nature. Amazon rainforest is the live example of nature from which we get more than 20% of world oxygen and it is the habitation of 10 million species of plants, animals and insects. We cannot be depending upon only on rainforests. PROXY will execute the plan by conserving wildlife forests, insects and animals and help shape the people’s mind to plant trees, habit to recycle the waste materials, reuse the items or waste products, reduce energy and pollution in our global village.

A creative way of handling waste materials refers to the reusing and disposing the waste materials properly. It is a good way to preserve energy and save environment. If we save energy, automatically environment will be saved reducing pollution.

SAVE ENVIRONMENT is a big project which can be put in action in a group rather than individual. But, PROXY can formulate an idea as a catalyst to recycle and reuse waste materials by a detail work out on it, and reduce pollution creating global awareness through digital and physical means of communication. He/she deals with the organizations, private companies, government administrations, institutions, group of community and society to give a productive impact on environment by executing action plan to reduce pollution and lessen the depletion of natural resources.

F.4.2 Plan Execution:

  1. Make a list of things which can be recycled waste materials, reused products and reduced wastes in our surroundings. And, make the people aware of it, why is it more significant to save energy, conserve natural resources like timber, water and minerals, prevent pollution? Not only it creates job opportunities to the people in the recycling and manufacturing industries but also help people make habit to use recycling products much. For instance:

    • Commercial Textile Recycling: It is the process to turn fabric back into fiber as a raw material to cloth. Most of the European countries give preferences to supply such clothes made of recycled fiber.
    • Recycling Products: It is the process of converting waste materials into new materials. Like, paper, plastic, glass, etc.
    • Renewable Energy: Biomass, hydro-power, geothermal, wind, solar, etc.
    • Eco-friendly Reusable Products: Plastic food containers, Plastic bottles, etc.
    • Reduce Wastes: Reusable grocery bags instead of plastic bags, Reusable bottle/cup for beverages.
  2. Make the people conscious about how to conserve Electricity. For instance, turning off the lights, TV, electric appliances when these are completely not in use.
  3. Strongly advise to buy less disposable products.
  4. Suggest “NO PLASTIC BAG” inside and outside home.
  5. Advise people to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles (hybrid or electric). Advise them to recycle engine oil. Aware people to use Public transit whenever possible. It’s not about own personality but for our environment.
  6. Develop concept in the people’s mind “Walk More and Drive Less” to conserve fuel and prevent auto-emission.
  7. Make the people aware to avoid littering roads and highways in our global village. Give instruction to dispose litter properly.
  8. Aware the farmers and consumers about the consequences of excessive use of insecticides and pesticides used in farming and intake the same buying vegetables and fruits from the market. Propose organic method of fertilizer to the farmers while producing organic vegetables and crops.
  9. Appeal people to plant trees on the day of Environment, even on their birthday and any other special days at least, 10 plants. It is more significant to organize tree plantation with the collaboration of organizations, government administration, other institutions, etc. in any function.
  10. Make the people aware time to time, sometimes frequently as a PROXY on the above mentioned points to save environment in our global village.

F.5. Plan “Y” – YESability

F.5.1. Overview

PROXY is a responsible representative who has a quality of required leadership at all levels to take action in need of emergency having YES mindset who can execute operation independently and immediately. He/she is a perfect person who possesses multiple skills to approach problems in our global village.

John Bernard in his book “Business at the Speed of Now” explains, “Replacing no with yes does not mean that from now on you give everyone permission to do whatever they want. You draw clear boundaries to establish order and you provide language and methods people can use to solve problems. You become an enable of action rather than an unwitting obstacle to performance.”

As said, PROXY builds a concept of YESability—a YES mindset with respect to goals and purpose of Decode PROXY to lead the world for the benefit of human beings along with all the living creatures in our global village.

F.5.2. Plan Execution

  1. Always focus on YES mindset to lead any issues or problems anytime anywhere within the reach.
  2. Collect all information or data and go through it carefully.
  3. Directly talk with the people about the current issues or problems.
  4. Observe and analyze the scenario utilizing prior expertise to lead the people properly.
  5. Form a suitable norms and values of agreement with respect to the positive and negative consequences in future.
  6. Present the one and only solution without any bias or distraction.
  7. Generate YES mindset in the people’s mind to spread peace and save environment in our global village.
  8. It’s a quick action plan, YESability to solve issues or problems immediately without any delay which saves energy and reduce violence in a society creating mutual understanding swiftly. Therefore, be alert as a watchdog with YES mindset.

G. Guidelines for Article Writing

  1. Observe current issues or problems in your surroundings.
  2. Study the main issue or problem that has been becoming an obstacle to maintain peace or save environment.
  3. Analyze the consequences of problem and find solution through Decode PROXY Main Operation.
  4. Draft solutions that you are going to present to handle the issues peacefully by applying PROXY Plans that can be executed.
  5. Discuss your drafted solution with the knowledgeable person. Like, seniors, scholars, university professors, think tanks, leaders, experienced and professional people of the same field, etc. whoever is within your reach.
  6. Rectify if any and give a final touch to the solution and at last present your views on Decode PROXY briefly how it was significant to solve the issues.
  7. Choose your digital or physical media to communicate your proposed solution. Make it possible to reach the target victims who are facing these issues or problems.
  8. Create a hashtag: #DecodePROXY before posting an article in digital platform.
  9. Try to publish one article in a month about PEACE and ENVIRONMENT as a Orangutan—Long Call Plan.
  10. It is better to spread the article in various medias and social networks according to your level of reach in our global village.

H. Register Name to Participate in Decode PROXY Operation / FEEDBACK

Proposed to: Interested Persons,Peace lovers, Nature lovers, Knowledgeable Persons, bloggers, writers, journalists, Social Workers, Schools and Universities Teachers and Professors, Scholars, Institutions, Organizations—NGO, INGOs, Government Administrations, etc. (The registration / feedback form will not be shown in WordPress app. Please open this page on web browser to register or feedback)

I. Disclaimer

The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in the above proposal belongs solely to the author. It is to authorize that Decode PROXY can be operated by a PROXY strongly heeding on positive and negative consequences of the issues or problems in our global village.

Suggestions and advises are requested openly through Feedback form above. Any texts or points can be appended according to the need of Decode PROXY to SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT.


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Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

31 thoughts on “Decode PROXY: A YES mindset to “SPREAD PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT”

  1. Very interesting and informative! While we as humans have advanced in our knowledge, we do need to take time to reflect how our actions have impacted the planet and make the necessary changes. Thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Decode PROXY!

    At first, I just didn’t understand the whole idea, but I paid rapt attention to this amazing post and I loved it!!

    You write beautifully well about peace and the immediate environment. Maybe Forbes can publish your article on their site soon. I really hope so. You really deserve it.

    Sometimes, I do somethings and I become self aware. There are somethings that I do and immediately, I become sober and sad, because these things are potentially harming the environment.

    Peace doesn’t necessarily mean human to humans. We can also give peace to nature and other environment, by preserving it and “taking care” of the global village.

    I really love this. Probably, you should open an NGO (non-profit organization) about fostering peace and environment.

    Superbly written 👏🏽by superb Kamal!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Vincent! You are fantastic fellow.

    Thank you so much. Your heed on this article is worthwhile. I have made a concept of dealing with peace and environment together. Hope people will follow the idea if it has been shared and known to many people. How could Forbes publish. I am not aware of it. You are also part of it from now on as a PROXY.

    You are absolutely right about peace. And I don’t think so to open NGO. Because We have no such budget coming through. As a writer we write and aware people to do the things.

    Thanks a lot for your good compliment full of cheering words.

    Once again thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank so much. That’s really wonderful of you to say.

    I really hope so also.

    Forbes is the biggest and most trusted magazine in the world.
    It’s just luck. If they see that you are so passionate about an issue, they might call you up to maybe publish an article on their website.

    I’m proud to be a PROXY.

    It’s totally alright. I agree with you. You just continue blessing us with your fantastic writings and we will keep getting enlightened.

    It’s a pleasure complimenting a blogstar’s blog like yours.

    You are highly welcome 🙏🏾

    Thanks for this post also. I hope it goes far and wide.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are lightning sparks in writing to yourself to others.

    Oh! I was unaware of Forbes magazine what they publish though I read most of articles sometimes. You have enlightened me. Great. THANKS. Thank you for registering and participating on Decode PROXY. I will reply your email.

    Liked by 1 person

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