A Gardener, A Businessman and The Three Water Jars

-By Kamal Shrestha

Long time ago, there was a billionaire businessman’s countryside farmhouse which was occupied by a big area with a beautiful garden near a big city. The name of the businessman was Kaustubh Shree who was an anthophile, a flower lover.

He always used to visit the farmhouse once in a month to spend his precious free time sitting beside the beautiful flowers with a cup of coffee in the garden. And, he had a hardworking gardener, Harke Sahila who was happy to work there to grow and take care of flowers and plants.

It was starting days of spring season when seeds were taking roots, flowers were ready to bloom, vegetation and trees began to grow and reproduce. The weather was also warmer at day, and often wetter in the morning. The businessman was hopeful to have plenty of flowers blooming in the garden in this season and he wished to have same beautiful flowers in his Green City Haveli in a big city as well.

One thing was troubling there in the city— a shortage of water due to breakage of municipality water tank in its main supply point. He thought his gardener could manage to take water in small jars by farmhouse horse wagon.

Meanwhile, he called the gardener, “Harke Sahila. I am thinking about the bad condition of flower plants of our Haveli? They are all pale and dead now. Can you be there at day to take care flower plants everyday? You just go with water jars by horse wagon?”

Harke Sahila replied honestly, “Alright Boss, I will always be happy to go there after lunch time every day. No worry, Boss.”

Harke Sahila bought 3 water jars available in the supermarket. There were only one Big Dark Blue jar and two little ones— one was Transparent and another was Light Blue colour jar. Then he brought them to Farmhouse.

Next day, he completed all of his works in the garden. And went to fill up water into three jars from a small pond after lunch. Then he lifted water jars into a wagon and drove to the Haveli. From that day, he started to water all the plants in the garden. They were feeling happy to grow and bloom as he had given a life to them.

After a month, one thing the gardener didn’t notice what the three water jars were making a small thing bigger. The gardener ignored too, though there was always less water in the Big Dark Blue jar. He thought the water might have spilled over due to the movement of wagon pulled by horses.

Actually, the Big jar had a small crack leakage in bottom of that. The Transparent small jar was very proud to tease the Big jar saying, “A Leakage Big Pumpkin! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!” by kicking and bullying when he was dropping water on the way to the Haveli due to leakage from the bottom. But Light Blue jar was very intelligent who was always in favour of Big jar and used to scold the Transparent jar, “Don’t tease him, he is our Big brother. We should respect. We are here for water to garden plants even he becomes half more empty when we reach in the Haveli.”

Light Blue jar always used to stop them fighting and console Big jar telling him, “My big brother, don’t worry about it, though the younger one teases and bullies you badly. I am with you.” But, the Big jar lost his patience. It was really aggravating, irritating and suffocating with shame and anger on the one side, he could not water the plants of garden mostly due to continuous leakage problem on the roadway which made him useless all the time and on the other side, the Transparent jar always bullying with rude words to him. Though he was feeling a bit relaxed when Light Blue jar used to treat and console him well.

One day the Big jar couldn’t resist and control himself and requested to the gardener, “Harke Sanhila, throw me out in the garbage. I am of no use. I am entirely ruined.”

The gardener surprised, “Why did you request me to throw you? How could you say like that? I haven’t seen any problem with you.”

The Big jar replied, “Please, Harke Sahila. The younger Transparent jar always tease me, hit me. I cannot tolerate his bullying everyday. I am exhausted.”

Harke Sahila worried about his situation and said, “I cannot throw you. If I throw you, I cannot buy another one. I have to talk with Boss. Once he visits, he will decide.” Then he went back to work in the garden.

Next day, the gardener was watering all the plants. In the meantime, one of the flowers called to Harke Sahila, “Please take a photograph of us and post in a Facebook so that our Boss will become happy to see us together, happily dancing flowers. Just mention— Good morning from our side.” She was happy being a big and beautiful of them all. Then Harke Sahila clicked the photograph by smartphone and posted as she said on facebook.

Their Boss also sent a comment on a facebook and updated on twitter as well being happy— “Good Morning all of you, my dear flowers. I am very much surprised to see all of you, feeling happy and looking beautiful. I will be back tomorrow morning to have a cup of coffee with you all. Thanks.” Harke Sahila was happy to share the moment with all of them. The jars were also dancing except the Big one. The Big jar was sadly expressing his shame hiding himself below the shadow of tree.

The Businessman returned to the Haveli in the next morning. All the flower plants welcomed him nicely. He had a good coffee with all of them. His happiness couldn’t be counted at that time.  Meanwhile, he heard something about jar. He said to them, “Why do you talk about jars? What happened?”

Then Big and Beautiful flower said, “Nothing Boss, The Big jar had a leakage in bottom so he could not bring much water for us. He became irritated and frustrated because of the younger Transparent jar who used to tease and bully always as we have heard recently.”

Their Boss replied, “Oh! How’s disgusting. I will discuss with them. Do not spread rumours about them.”

The businessman headed to the countryside Farmhouse with his Buggy after taking breakfast. He was totally fell in love with the roadway flowers. He thought as if he was heading a pathway to heaven. On the both sides of road, lovely flowers were welcoming him cheerfully. He was excited to see the things changed after instructing Harke Sahila to water the plants. He wanted to observe the things how was it became possible.

Soon, he got the idea, it was because of the Big jar. He had a leakage as said by the flowers so the water might have dropped down on the way equally on daily basis due to the same rate of movement of wagon pulled by horses. He became astonished and said, “Oh! That’s the thing. All the plants have got plenty of waters to grow and bloom.” And he took amazing snapshots.

After half an hour, the businessman reached in his Farmhouse. He met Harke Sahila and immediately told him, “Bring the jars here?” Harke Sahila brought the jars. He started a meeting in the garden with a cup of coffee in the middle of the garden flowers.

He said to the Transparent jar, “Did you see the roadway to the Haveli? How beautiful flowers are blooming? It was never happened and seen before. It is because of the Big Jar. He is not a leakage big pumpkin. He has also devoted to grow flower plants at the sideways of road. He has also done great job. Do not tease and practice any bullying with him. It’s my last warning.”

Transparent jar replied, “Sorry Boss, it’s shame on me. I am sorry Big brother. I was unaware of all the things changed.”

Then he cordially thanked Big jar, “Thank you so much Big jar. You are the one who won my heart. You made my day beautiful.” And thanked to the Light Blue jar as well for giving strength to Big jar.

And, then he clicked the photograph of all. He posted group photographs, the photographs of Haveli and the heavenly roadway flowers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram thanking to big jar, “You are awesome, Big jar. It’s thousand times worthwhile having you in this Earth. You made the day possible of all things with happiness and joy in life.” He praised and rewarded Big and Light Blue jar one by one. The Transparent jar was also encouraged to think positively and to know the value of team works.

At the end of meeting, the Boss said to all of them, “Many people or things may have weak points or things, it doesn’t mean, they should stay demoralizing themselves being suppressed by negativity all the time; cause of bad people’s intention or behaviour. Everyone should increase their strength by collecting positive energy themselves or from the people or surrounding where the source of life stimulates to live for them. Demoralizing itself lead to disaster. Life is like this; it’s always good. The meeting is over.” Harke Sahila clapped his hands with joy and other jars did as well.

Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

64 thoughts on “A Gardener, A Businessman and The Three Water Jars

  1. Thanks for reminding me, a Pastor told a similar story a while back – showing how God uses us no matter how broken we feel, keep our focus on His glory…

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