Foods We Should Eat Less to Prevent Hair Fall!

-Kamal Shrestha, 10 July 2020

People scares of getting their head bald. Everyone says, “Oh! bald headed man!” “Oh! TALU KHUILE… .” And sometime, when they hear these words they become completely disturbing and fear of losing hair more.
Nowadays, it’s a problem of many people– they lose their hair and start to go bald. It makes the people feel old though they haven’t been to that much of age to become old. There are many reasons of hair fall— cause of disease, genetic or unbalanced food habits. Our food habits always affect our body differently. The more we take healthy balanced foods, the more we get benefit to live a healthy life. A little bit changes in your daily intake of food items help reduce falling hair.
1. Sweets: People always wants to eat sweets because it’s delicious. But it increases the blood sugar level which contracts hair follicles and cause hair fall.
2. Pastries and cake: People often visit to confectionery shop to take pastries and cake. They love it. But they don’t know about the ingredients that are used to make it. The ingredients “Maida” and “Sugar” increases the level of androgen hormone which can shrink hair follicles as well as hair fall out faster.
3. Fried food items: People love eating fried food items at home or restaurant. Almost love it by children as well. But we find excessive oil in these food items which blocks the hole of hair which causes hair fall out faster.
4. Pizza: It increases the sugar level in our body which shrinks hair follicles and helps to fall out hair.
5. Carbonated drinks: Drinks like soda and Coca-Cola contain a lot of sugar and acid which cause a lot of hair loss.
6. Alcohol: Drinking alcohol slows down the secretion of zinc in the body which leads to excessive hair loss.
BEST FOOD ITEMS FOR HAIR GROWTH : Eggs, Spinaches, Citrus fruits, Seeds, Berries, Fish, Nuts, etc.


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