The 19 Days in History

-Kamal Shrestha, 2007/ 2020
(From the book, “A CRUCIAL Journey of LIFE Begins”)

The unity of SPA,
Marches on the road,
Against the regressive system,
Not of the troops of army,
Of the voice of all the people’s
Day by day,
Millions of people,
From East to West,
Come together in the middle of street,
Making harsh and loud voice,
Twittering and chirping like birds,
Amidst the forest with rejoice.
The ruler circulates,
Curfew badly,
To dismiss the people,
But, the brave people
Break it and step ahead,
Raising the voice-
“Leave the Throne ultimately.”
Police are instructed and Armies
Commanded to finish the rebels,
But, the brave and courageous people
Never become afraid,
Even they shoot and become dead,
Died for the sake of mother Earth-
“Damn the ruler forever with the sunset.”
Though people are ambushed
In the street,
And fired by pistol
They escape
Here and there,
Even they become handicapped,
Some dead and some wounded forever.
And the streets are left with,
Heap of sandals and bangles,
At night,
The smoke of tube and tyre
Meets the sky and covers the whole city,
Rejoicing the voice of
Federal Democracy.
The more days are passing,
The more people’s presence,
The movement largely spread its voice
To the people of the world as well.
Even the American System
Saluted the people,
For the voice of our freedom.
People are harshly beaten
And are in the path
Of to become martyr,
Though huge suffocation,
People are sacrificed
Their life to the nation,
To achieve sovereignty and freedom
By the presence of
Huge crowd of the nation,
Scared the rulers absolutely.
At last, the ruler compelled
To hand over power and supremacy
To the hand of people
For freedom and federal democracy
A new history is written with the name of people,
By the war of the people for the people,
By the strong voice of people,
Where millions of people,
Joined their hands together
That lasts 19 Days in history.

Published by Kamal Shrestha

An Alone Traveller, Intense Blogger, Creative Designer and an English Teacher.

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