“The boy moved ahead and kissed the girl”- Main Sentence

-Collected and edited by Kamal Shrestha

“Lost in a profound love with the prospects of a good and happy married life to be spent ahead with his beloved, never to be thinking separated and betrayed, the boy very gently moved ahead and kissed the girl on her lip, as if the lips were something so soft and fragile that a harass touch could mar their beauty.”
“When the boy moved ahead and kissed the girl it seemed it was the most important law-suit in his life time in which he himself was the defending and prosecuting lawyer in which no judge required to hear the case.”
“Along the rocky path of the high hills which was surrounded by rivers, valleys, mountains, plateaus, when the boy moved ahead and kissed the girl on her lips it seemed as if two continents have collided and resulted a huge earthquake in the ocean floor and pushing powerful waves onto the top of hills with biggest vibration on earth.”
“His every step seemed to be making an angle of sixty degree, his speed crossing the limits of velocity when he moved ahead and kissed the girl to complete the equations.”
“The boy’s legs seemed to be without breaks and he moved in top gear accelerating high speed then kissed the girl without any warning of blowing horn.”
“His staggering steps were trying to hold him up right when he moved ahead and kissed the girl on her lips as if the best of red wine served with cubed-ice is waiting for him.”
“Clad in a high fashioned dress bought from Kathmandu for Rs. 10,000, the boy moved ahead and kissed the girl without noticing that the lipstick was from China.”
“He marched ahead in front as if a mountain of energy was moved and surrounded the girl with his arms and kissed her and, he felt as if thousands of bombs were exploding in his mind, but the battle had been won.”
“The healthy and fit youth of 25 years of age moved ahead and kissed the hygienically cleaned lips of the girl without any threatening of diseases or severe illness.”
“He joyously jumped and dashed towards the girl in a full speed and kissed on her lips as if the winning goal had been scored skillfully.”
Sad fellow:
“Every step seemed to be laden with thousand of tons of miseries when he moved slowly towards the girl and kissed her simplistically, but not before a shower of tears had rolled down from his eyes.”
“Nature applauded, birds twittered with the rays of morning sunrise, the joyous waves of happiness embittered, when the boy landed his lips perfectly kissing on the rosy receptors resembling the petals the flowers that glitter.”
Serious Essay Writer:
“The formality and informality seemed to be losing their own appearances when the boy passionately landed his lips kissing on the inviting ineffable lips of the girl.”
“It has been reported that the boy’s advancement towards the girl resulted in a passionate kiss eye-witnessed by the students and further inquiries are in our next issue.”

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