Writing About Literature on a poem “Piano” by D.H. Lawrence

-Kamal Shrestha, 2011/ 2020

D. H. Lawrence successfully described his attitude through a calm environment on his poem “Piano.” His portrayal of sequence of events make bring the pain of the loss of the childhood or the loss of the people in the memory as he produces his touching sequence of evidence being a child in the present time and powerfully adjoining the capability of reminding those imaginative view without any interference.

It’s a childish sensibility that avoids tensions to create inquisitive feelings, musical advancements and absurd tragic moments of present time that all come within the scope of his oeuvre. His characters amid fascinating family background and characters also has just been leading own private life with the reliable acquaintance (Piano). In addition, his characters are fully developed in the present situation crying like a child for the past and making a deep concern about it in present.

When the similar situation goes towards the reminding day stickily to the backward of those pleasing years’, a woman explores his happiness or sadness conscience by singing to the piano with child. The character, as being a child sitting with on the lap of mother under the piano. Whereabouts the woman concerns, she has just been singing at that moment with positive impact. Meanwhile, the child inserts the effective feeling by touching the mother’s feet with the delicate voice of her mother. A mother, the character of woman proudly expresses relation to the child but not has been reacted in a negative sense. It has been taken as a part of life having sweet dream of present time.

The present situation has brought more effective controversy of time that to a woman or a mother as a singer; who has taken to sing a great or holding a magnitude responsibility of music, which is a quite realization of acquaintance. The childish days and present days have created a short distance between past and present but the intellectual effect is admired with negatively surplus feeling by weeping as a child; emotionally tossing backward. As an adult man he was drowning in the flood of remembrance of the past activities where individual activities are creating own-self as a beautiful child towards the mother’s view. Thus, it has an interesting element of feeling being a child and sitting under the piano.

The characters gathered likely to maintain objective interest to reduce the unbearable facts. Being a conceptual thinker that means someone who has experiences of life being a human he could remind the real view to reveal the things from different prospective. The child and the mother express their relation cheerfully. There has been made the good time for playing and singing with the piano sharing an affectionate love each other. Also, there has been described the powerful vision of addressing the fact about the piano. Thinking and going back to past being a child is a management of poetic style having full of adventurous activity to explore the subjective matter. This has gone to reintroduce the manhood from childhood. Sometime, the situation has chosen the insidious mastery of song to make cry heartily.

Lawrence has presented his sensitive exploration of feelings and emotions. The age-gap is more prominent being a child and a man to expose their feelings and emotions differently. So, the narrator of the poem successfully adjoined his feeling with musical advancements to reduce the tragic moment of present time.

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